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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vamping on closing night of HASHTAG MAYHEM!

Closing night of HASHTAG MAYHEM! - 6 short, dark plays by Jeffrey James Ircink (me) - at The Alchemist Theatre in Bay View, WI. I decided to take a video into the audience before my curtain speech and see who's who - and to give people a taste of what they missed if they couldn't make the show.

When I "vamp", I sometimes say really dumb things, so....and I wish I had checked to see that my collar was sticking out of my jacket. gauche! ;)

Really, really happy with the 3-weekend run. Great crowds. 2 SOLD OUT shows. The cast, directors and crew were outstanding! What I envisioned in my head when I wrote these plays was what you saw on stage. A very proud moment for me - and everyone had a really good time putting the show on. Unless they all lied to me...

Closing Night of HASHTAG MAYHEM!

CONOR FRANCIS COMES HOME TO BALLYCULLEN. Left to right: Thom Cauley, Matt Roth, Greg Ryan, Kathy Landry & Jason Waszak (dir.)
TWISTED NICE MIRAGE. Top to bottom: Zoe Schwartz, Kyle Gallagher-Schmitz & Bo Johnson (dir.)
JESUS PUSHED A GROCERY CART. Mary K. Ryan (dir.) & Mike Loranger. (Randall T. Anderson had an early Sunday morning call and had to leave before we decided to do this.)

PASS THE SALT, PLEASE. Top to bottom: Jeffrey James Ircink (dir.), Greg Ryan & Brooke Maroldi

BILLY BALFOOR WANTS AN APOLOGY. Gretchen Mahkorn (dir.), Matt Roth & Mack Heath.

CHOKING THE CHOAD IN BEL AIR. Jeffrey James Ircink (dir.) & Bryan Damske. Special appearance by Ring Girl"!

There's Randall T. Anderson (JESUS PUSHED A GROCERY CART) behind the bar. Ohhhh...Randall!

Specialties: Joanna Kerner/music (aka Rocket Paloma) & Katelyn Berens/"Ring Girl"

Adrieane Themarykaylady giving Greg the once-over.

Cast & directors

Let them eat cake! Let US eat cake!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Well-paced", well-crafted" & well-executed". HASHTAG MAYHEM!

When was the last time you read "mayhem" described in that manner? ;)

The review is out for HASHTAG MAYHEM! - 6 short, dark plays by Jeffrey James Ircink. Well? Get your tickets NOW before they're scooped up. 2 more weekends - March 28-30 & April 4-6. Ticket information at the bottom of review or go to this link.

And if you haven't seen our Indiegogo fundraising campaign, take a gander here. 12 more days before it ends and we could sure use the extra funds to off-set production costs.

Read review here. Everyone has a dark side. What's yours? (thanks, Russ Bickerstaff!)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

HASHTAG MAYHEM! Specialties!

Joanna Kerner (aka Rocket Paloma) lends her unique musical stylings as she helps us to segue from play to play.

Katleyn Berens graces the stage as "Ring Girl". Come see the show to get the full effect. (Pictured with photographer Zachary Seib)

All photography 2013 © Zachary Seib Photography

Monday, March 25, 2013

Stills from HASHTAG MAYHEM! - 6 short, dark plays by Jeffrey James Ircink.

(Left to right) Mack Heath (LAIRD) and Matt Roth (BILLY) in BILLY BALFOOR WANTS AN APOLOGY.

(Left to right) Bryan Damske and Jeffrey James Ircink in CHOKING THE CHOAD IN BEL AIR.


Greg Ryan (MAN) and Brooke Maroldi (WOMAN) in PASS THE SALT, PLEASE.

Zoe Schwartz (AMY) and Kyle Gallagher-Schmidt (JEFF) in TWISTED NICE MIRAGE. 

Mike Loranger (THE BUM) & Randall T. Anderson (THE MAN) in JESUS PUSHED A GROCERY CART.

All photography 2013 © Zachary Seib Photography

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Patron review of HASHTAG MAYHEM!

(An unsolicited review – really – from a friend of mine. I mean, a critic’s a critic, right?)
I enjoyed it more than I expected.

Nice staging for “Pass the Salt, Please”.  Greg and Brooke did an excellent job!! Brooke's facials are fabulous.

 Jesus Pushed a Grocery Cart”.  Mike and Randall have settled into a great rhythm with their staging and dialogue. Randall is spot on.

 “Choking the Choad in Bel Air”.  Interesting and entertaining. Bryan's placement was great and added to the overall feel of the piece. It took my breath away to see it performed and one of the bravest things I've seen onstage.

 “Conor Francis Comes Home to Ballycullen”.  Well-cast and a nice rhythm to the piece. It had it all – humor, emotion, anger and violence all wrapped up in a nice Irish stew. The actors succeeded in painting the picture of what that moment must be like – from all sides.

 Twisted Nice Mirage”.  Kyle had a challenging task and he delivered a stellar performance. The chemistry between he and Zoe was obvious and they both performed as if seasoned beyond their years. Zoe is a natural onstage and I thought she was well cast as 'Amy'. Staging of the play was spot on. Great writing! Great direction!

“Billy Balfoor Wants An Apology”.   Matt attacked his character head-on, doing a  phenomenal job portraying a ‘grown-up' Billy – initially with the devil-may-care, tough exterior and then transitioning to a vulnerable young man who just wants what he believes he deserves. Mack's 'Laird' was surprisingly likable. The intensity to which Mack gave his performance won me over and won my respect. Both actors did right by the script.

Nice. Thanks, patron!